Full control

Detailed reports on the work of all employees, wherever they are, anywhere, anytime, on any device connected to the Internet.

Easy installation and maintenance

Directly configured equipment, quick setup of the system, friendly web interface for general management of telephones and softphones that do not require IT knowledge or training.

Low costs

Nextell helps to reduce the cost of the phone up to 80%! You will not spend so much money on equipment and maintenance and will keep up with the development of the market without changing the equipment every time.

Nextell offers effective VoIP business solutions that are easy to set up. Change your call forwarding rules with the help of professional support personnel.

The SIP protocol helps enterprises of all sizes to effectively combine their local and long-distance services. In addition, our support service is always available 24×7, 365 days a year to help you at every step.

hosted-pbx-1 (1)

The development of telecommunication technology for business is Hosted PBX. This technology provides small, medium and corporate organizations with a sophisticated telephone system with minimal equipment costs. In fact, Nextell works maintains and upgrades your entire telephone system. Hosted PBX from Nextell allows employees to work in remote offices, hotels or on their cell phone, while remaining connected to the same office telephone system.

CRM can help you simplify the delegation of tasks, monitor the effectiveness of your company and track customer problems as they arise. Your site, in most cases, is the face of your company, requiring your audience to view information, comment on it or upload it. Using CRM-integration is ideal for tracking requests from customers, as more and more customers are becoming more active online.

Regardless of whether you need an entry-level contact center or you have a small call center with complex needs, a large enterprise with a complex call center or a virtual contact center with several branches and remote agents; Nextell has a solution for you.
The advantage of Nextell is that we know that different companies need different technologies. Your business is unique – we offer the best, most logical solutions, adapted to the needs of your company and your budget.

Using outsourcing, there is no need to invest more resources, technologies or tools. We can save your money and time as your trusted supplier, handling various business processes from customer service to CRM hosting.

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