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Business Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a phone system designed to match your business calling needs.


VoIP for business uses your high-speed Internet connection tomake and receive phone calls and offers businesses of any size the features and flexibility that will match each business’s needs.

Business VoIP with Nextell provides you with the power to manage and monitor all your important business connections, based on your organizational practices. Travel extensively and still receive calls for an ongoing contract negotiation. Make sure that you are always notified, via email or mobile phone, that you have received the fax document that your client has sent for review. Make it so that you are relatively undisturbed after work hours by having calls received at that time sent to your voicemail to be reviewed the next work day. You can even have the calls forwarded to multiple extensions at once so the call will always be answered by someone in your organization.



Communications are important, but sometimes costly, business necessity. With more businesses than ever looking to cut costs, cloud communications offer more ways for you to save money, by powering your telephone system over your internet connection.

 Traditionally businesses will spend a lot of money on hardware and infrastructure for their telephony solution that is both difficult to maintain, repair and upgrade. Our cloud-based solutions remove the physical aspect of this and associated costs, replacing it with a more competitively-priced system that is in “the cloud”.

With startups and small businesses suffering from increased competition and over-saturated markets, it’s vital that you compete with those above and around you intelligently.

 The deep functionality embedded within cloud telephony can offer your business an efficient way of competing with more established businesses with bigger resources. You’ll be able to create a better first impression, save vital capital and come across as a true national business in order to keep up and stay ahead of your competition.

It’s cheaper to retain customers than acquire new ones, so it’s vital that you keep yours happy; with happier customers comes increased loyalty and ultimately, repeat business.

 VoIP telephone systems will make sure you answer every call, whilst enabling you to gather tangible details on customer behavior that allows you to make smarter business decisions.

The way people work is changing all the time and modern organisations that want to stay at the top of their game need to alter their procedures to match. VoIP telephone solutions fit directly into this notion and provide businesses with the flexibility and freedom to work anywhere, without sacrificing productivity.

You can hot desk, work from home and connect to your business telephone system wherever there is an Internet connection, meaning that you’re always in the know, regardless of your location.

A big challenge for a growing business is knowing how and when to expand your communications; particularly when you start to employ more staff and expand to multiple locations.

VoIP solutions easily adjust to your communication needs. If you need to add more employees, new offices, it is simple. One service controls your entire communications network and there is no need to install a new system in different offices.