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At Nextell, we adapt our 24/7/365 call centre services to suit you, your customers and your changing requirements, leaving you free to take care of business while we take care of your customers.

Telemarketing and customer support

Telemarketing and customer support, while essential to business success, can be time-consuming and expensive to manage. Many large enterprises began to outsource part or all of their telemarketing and customer care in a bid to slash costs. This strategy is also now embraced by small to mid-sized businesses due to the accessibility and cost-effectiveness of outsourced services.

Customer satisfaction is a key component of business success. Your outsourced team at Nextell is purpose driven to improve your customer engagement and deliver an exceptional customer experience. Your call center team will focus on establishing and nurturing rich and informed customer relationships.

Every single interaction is made to count - we pay close attention to detail to address your clients' queries, preferences and unique requirements to produce the perfect outcome.

Our Services


Inbound services

Nextell offers multilingual services delivered by culturally aware call center personnel. We ensure your clients receive the very best customer care for the ultimate caller experience


Outbound services

The customer experience ultimately relies upon the expertise of your call center staff. At Nextell we only recruit call center specialists who have strong work ethics, proven customer service abilities and superb communication skills.


Lead Generation

This initial step in the sales cycle is crucial. Our call center staff are highly experienced in lead generation for companies and salespeople. We identify and nurture potential customer relationships and will significantly stimulate and increase interest in your goods and services.


Customer surveys

There are a number of common reasons customer surveys are used: to determine product or service performance, to collect product or service feedback, to develop new products or services, to measure customer loyalty and, most of all, to improve the customer experience. No matter what you are are looking to achieve, we can help.


Chat and email support

Provide your clients the customer service they deserve with prompt and professional chat and email support 24/7. Live chat is considered to be untapped potential for business. Live chat support is convenient for online consumers and offers the chance to address customer concerns quickly. Harness this opportunity to increase your sales and provide timely resolution to client complaints.


Help Desk and Technical Support

From routine troubleshooting to in-depth technical support, we know what it takes to deliver outstanding customer experience while simultaneously resolving the technical issues of a broad spectrum of customers. And with access to a highly educated local talent pool that consistently delivers intelligent, capable people into the labor market, we have the team to execute it.


Appointment setting

Appointment setting is an essential part of the B2B sales process, yet it can be difficult to dedicate the time and resources. Outsourcing your appointment setting process will get your sales team out to more meetings, closing more sales.If you need to fill your calendar with qualified appointments, Nextell can save you time, money and stress.


KPO Processes

We engage highly educated call center staff with business expertise and advanced analytical skills. Specializing in research and information, legal and medical services, training, consultancy, and research and development, we provide the opportunity to engage industry professionals at affordable rates.

Benefits of Call-Center Outsourcing with Nextell



We take great pride in our staff, we aim for them to be the best of the best, we ensure they continue to develop and love their job



We have robust processes which allow us to replicate success and continuously improve.



Our staff undergo rigorous trainings in call-center skills, communication, objection handling and also product specific training.


Technology & Security

We use cloud based software with hosted servers in secure, dedicated data centres, with all sensitive data being encrypted or not stored at all.


We believe that our employees are our best assets — Nextell is a hive of smart, talented, interesting, and seasoned professionals whose work makes a direct impact on our business and the community. With this in mind, we foster a company culture that encourages collaboration, individuality, fun, learning, wellness, and growth.

Our mission is to deliver competent, valuable service with superior business performance and leadership. Thus, we champion the inclusive growth of our team as we push for excellence.

Job Posting


Working in a call centre requires discipline and good communication skills. As a customer service representative, you will need to respond to complaints and questions about your company. A call centre is quite a hectic work environment, so the better you refine your skills, the better you will cope.

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Key responsibilities are as follows:

  • 1. You will be taking and making calls to customers, giving a very high standard of Customer Service at all times
  • 2. Research Potential leads and Identify Decision Makers
  • 3. Managing relationships with internal & external customers/stakeholders
  • 4. Answering customers’ questions by phone
  • 5. Entering customer information onto a computer/CRM
  • 6. Be coached and monitored by your Team Leader/Manager on a regular basis.

Required Education, Skills, and Qualifications

  • 1. Excellent command of the English language, both written and oral.
  • 2. Confident in handling customer calls (both inbound and outbound).
  • 3. Great in system and tools navigation
  • 4. Experience in Lead Generation is an advantage
  • 5. Experience working in a BPO is an edge but not essential
  • 6. Must be competitive and a team player.
  • 7. Assertive, fast learner, keen to details and result oriented.
  • 8. Must be willing to learn handling objections


1. We provide above standard compensation package.
2. We encourage and allow promotion and career development.
3. Provide a professional, safe and pleasant working environment.
4. You have the opportunity to gain experience in the business environment, as a part of a team.
5. The skills you acquire working for worldwide companies makes you a competitive employee in the global labor market.
6. The opportunity to self manage work tasks delegated by the client.